new jams for may- beat the heat!

Super excited about these!

Thollem/Chase is the powerhouse, free-wheeling duo of the perpetually-traveling pianist Thollem McDonas and drummer Brian Chase.  Brian is probably best known for his work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but is an active member of NYC's downtown scene and a regular improvising fixture at the Stone.  This record is a ripper- cued by the energy and spirit of punk rock with the tones of vintage free jazz...  The record is called Dub Narcotic Session, and fittingly, was tracked at K Records' legendary studio!

Dave McDonnell Group's the dragon and the griffin is saxophonist David McDonnell's first outing as a leader, despite a laundry list of sideman appearances on labels like 482 Music and Clean Feed. with groups like Herculaneum, Icy Demons, and Need New Body, and extensive collaborations with the Elephant 6 collective (Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.)...  This record showcases David with a killer crew from Chicago and New York- bassist Joshua Abrams, drummer Frank Rosaly, and guitarist Chris Welcome.  The music swings hard, is through-composed, with a heavy Chicago feel to it. Jason Adasiewicz and Tomeka Reid make appearances...  This record is a blast!

More details to follow!  Look for available for pre-order here soon, and unleashed online/in stores on May 13, 2014.  Time flies.

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This right here, this is magic. REGURGITANT PHENOMENA will be unleashed on APRIL 22. DIG THIS.

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D. Kuzy + J. Roman of MICROWAVES- Grilled by Ghettoblaster!

Check this interview with two of the men of Microwaves, over at Ghettoblaster!

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New Atlantis + The Designer's Republic

We're through the roof with excitement- from here on out, we'll be working with Ian Anderson and The Designer's Republic for all of our art direction + design needs.  Ian and tDR are legendary-  not only are they responsible for the phenomenal looking Autechre jackets-  they also worked with Warp Records from the '80s through the '00s; rebranded Coke, Nokia, Sony, Deutsche Bank, Swedish Telecom, Nickelodeon, Paco Rabanne, and the city of Quito, Ecuador.

tDR has designed us a custom wallet that we'll be using for our CDs, and a new logo that you can check out on our Facebook page....

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Ken Waxman... Loves TOTEM>!

"Advancing the idea of the guitar power trio while subtlety ignoring most of its principles, Totem’s high-quality, second CD forges an individual and more profound path than its more mundane 2008 debut session."

The rest sounds great... click the link to read more!


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In the Works...

This is going to be a huge year for us...  The list number of amazing records we'll be privileged to help unleash is, quite frankly, blowing my mind...

This is just a taste of what is in store...

Keir Neuringer - ceremonies out of the air

Microwaves - Regurgitant Phenomena

Dave McDonnell Group (w/Chris Welcome, Joshua Abrams, Frank Rosaly, Tomeka Reid, Jason Adasiewicz) - the dragon and the griffin

Thollem/Chase (Thollem McDonas + Brian Chase) - Dub Narcotic Session

Brandon Seabrook - Sylphid Vitalizers

Haitian Rail (Nick Millevoi, Ed Ricart, Dan Blacksberg, Kevin Shea) - Solarists

Blind Thorns (Ahleuchatistas + Antoine Läng)

Johnny DeBlase - Guided Motion

Killer BOB / Wei Zhongle - Split Cassette

Hyrrokkin / Bellini - Split 7"

Colin Webster + Mark Holub - Viscera

Andrew Barker + Paul Dunmall + Tim Dahl - Luddite

and more in the works...

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Burning Ambulance on Haitian RailChamaeleon, + Voices of Grain

In an article dubbed 'New Atlantis Rises,' Burning Ambulance shares some love for three new releases-  Awesome.

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Keir Neurigner + MICROWAVES = April Bliss.

We are tremendously excited to announce the release of our two new releases for April!

Keir Neuringer's ceremonies out of the air is a breathtaking, monolithic work- 79 minutes of solo improvisations for saxophone.  Keir's playing is so unique, incorporating a rich, dynamic new lexicon for his instrument... This is his debut solo recording, and will be available as a 2xLP (in a stunning gatefold jacket!) with a download card, and as a CD in a custom wallet.

MICROWAVES' Regurgitant Phenomena is a different matter entirely- the group are veterans of UgExplode and Crucial Blast- this record is their most streamlined, focused, and all out rockin'!

Read on for the hype text/one sheet details...

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Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog <3 TOTEM>

Another killer review for TOTEM>!

"This is a three-way effort that achieves liftoff by the extraordinary interaction of the trio playing here...  They put themselves in very all-encompassing musical hotspots by both listening and going in three separate yet synchronous directions...  They are free flowing throughout, sometimes edging into almost-heavy-rock but then taking it out in ways that perhaps the Fillmore crowd would have had to adjust to. Totem> goes to places that words do not cover very well. Because it's about the sound, not the words. But the places they visit are out in interesting ways and unusual enough to state categorically that here we have a trio of real originality.

Three masters take it out with kinetic electricity and power...and the results are vital. Take a leap and listen to this one! It will put you elsewhere."

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Glenn Astarita Reviews "Beelining' from Chamaeleon

"Guitarist Edward Ricart has studied in Europe and aligned with a multinational roster of experimental jazz artists amid his adventurous work in the free-rock duo, Matta Gawa and avant-garde, and Sonic Suicide band. Based in Washington D.C., the artist reaps the benefits of UK tenor sax titan Paul Dunmall and world-traveler, trumpeter Herb Robertson for this ensemble date, comprised of instantaneous compositions.

The band projects an open-world scenario, where experimental jazz improvisation and psycho-rock are embedded within introspective or loosely assembled tone poems; highly intense improvisational segments and pliant rhythms. And the soloists are extraordinarily effective at contrasting and complementing each other throughout.

The final track "Beelining," boasts an invigorating and speedy set of circumstances as Ricart shrewdly lays behind the pulse while dishing out succinct, fuzz-toned lines that counters Dunmall's hyper-mode phrasings. Here, lucid imagery of contentious arguments are culminated. Yet the musicians eventually conjoin and embark on a feeding frenzy, offset by Robertson's high-pitched flute or whistle implement. The ensemble's maddening and tumultuous pace elicits notions of a fiendish plot within the perimeters of good-natured mayhem. Drummer Andrew Barker leads the musicians to the finale with a sweeping, polyrhythmic solo spot that reaffirms the group's take no prisoners mode of execution."

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