Mushrooms(muskrats) and Music and Bittermellon

Mushrooms(muskrats) and music and bittermellon. And some other stuff. Conversations amoungst them:persons.....

A:yes,  I don’t know. Maybe. I mean. Mushrooms? I used to think they resembled slugs on your mothers pizza. Now I’m a believer. All the time.  I aint no mycophobe.

B: a lifestyle choice indeed. Mycology:a rather “new” science. It is the study of all aspects of Fungis:from the taxomorphology, life cycle, physiology, genetic aspects, molecular biology, ecology, relations with other organisms, human mushroom cultivation, as well as industrial aspects:bioremediation, etc.

A:incredible stuff

C: and the problems these things can cause, sickness or even death. Look at my feet. Or Chestnut blight.

A: And  mushrooms/fungus  can be used to treat certain diseseases

C. you bet

A. Didn’t they kill Eastwood in that movie “the beguiled” with mushrooms?

B. those girls. school gals all wanted a piece of the  rock. Jealousy-they couldn’t all get it. So they did a number on him.

C. I didn’t like the way they treated the turtle in that fligk.


A. Moronically, if that turtle had eaten those mushrooms they both could have gone on to live another day. That bonus could have been the source of any minus associations regarding either. Does this urine has mushrooms in it?

J. interesting that situation. Whereas young box turtles are mostly carnivorous. As they age the tend to be predominately vegetarian and big mushroom consumers.

A. we could all take a note from those people. Very nutritious those mushrooms.

J. Creeser commented that he once found a mature box turtle so full of the local mushrooms that it couldn’t walk or close it shell.

A. the weak shall inherit the girth.

C. the genus Terrapen could all use our help. Really. Where do these things come from? I mean all of a sudden they are on the scene out of nowhere. Disappearing like the mushrooms arriving.

A. spores jack- for those that channel distilled spirits. Mushrooms are very healty things: mentally, physically and emotionally. A tremendous source of protein-more than any green vegetable-lots of fiber and vitamins.

C. low fat?

a. yes. And those essential b vitamins. You and your brain/mental function enhancers club.

B. what does Dr. Atkins say?

J. I’ll see that guy in Helsinki.

A. mushrooms are so kooky though- singular body. They can exist as singular organism underground in an area that covers several miles under the surface. A layer that can not be scene.

J. you mean like that giant ant colony in spain?

c. the largest living organism in the world. Over in eastern Oregon.

A. yes. But of couse. A layer that cannot be scene that is the root core in which all answers draw back to:those things that come to a head and give us a glimpse into our dimension of a deeper realm.

b. like a realm in which the concepts of striking comparison all sprouted forth from like a collective unconscious.

a. such as the way in which several individuals or groups/societies,etc in different parts of the world can create comparably the same music simultaneously without any prior influence or knowledge of each other.

j. a metamorpasizing metaphor.  Dems changes. Start with a spore and end up with psilocybin meltdown. Harness that energy. Use it for…

b. like that black cat named Amanita.

a. and that one we had. And it was really cold. And we built a fire in the driveway and baked potatoes at 3:00am. Kenneth got renamed that night. A.J. Hongo. Still there on the nametag.

j. jumpstart the religious experience. Enhance the trance. Those ergot spores led to those witch hunts in the past. What is stimulating the witch hunts of the present?

b. there is good $ in hunting witches.


(Group sings a few lines of Carl Douglas’s “witch finder general” )


All. “says he’s got a thing about buning witches. Yeah. Some of them was mighty fine bitches. Witch finder general.”


b. well, enlightened minds want to know. Perception and thinking got to get rewired for the expanded mind experience quasi meltdown. I mean being better at being better.

j. only people with synesthesia  are going to see what you say or experience at subjective sensation or image or sence.

a. I don’t know the meaning of “synesthesia.”

j. well look it up in the godamn dictionary. Look it up. Wear it out to dinner with Agnes. Take her to get some bitter melon stirfried with jews ear.*

a. can I get that done with mushroom soy sauce?

b. yes. Double up America. That is a double spore situation there. Straw mushrooms.

a. two can ride cheaper than one.

j. healthcare aspects. Do you some good. Chinese style. I’m talking mycomedicinals. For a better you. Maitakis, reishis, mushroom of the month club. Purify, stimulate the system. 4 out of 5 drug manufacturers surveyed don’t wont you to know about this.

j. spirit of the fungus.

a. like an unseen tie. Once that binds the fabrics of an extra sensorial web which wraps itself around every individual mind on earth or maybe sectioning it off to a particular hemisphere of band of longitude.

j. real heavy.

a. the web is always there, but it is not until the there is a method of harnessing these mental frequencies that allows for such generations of identical thought to sprout. Kind of what my exgirlfiend was like.

b. yeah women. It used to be they had ½ the money and all the bonus. These days I think they got more than half of it.

j. mushrooms absorb the nutrients they need from there local environment. Taking whats available. Kind of like music-absorb the quality type you dig and benefit from it.

c. I have a desire to throw a pipebomb in the next mellomushroom  pizza joint I see. Jive conservative squares. Think about it.

a. bad vibes for a reason. You need to let the music and mushrooms go to work and shake off some of those tensions you got. Music is the key to unlocking the ability to translate intangible knowledge of the web into a positive emotional vibe.

c. what about the yin yang thing. How can you have one with out the other. Positive + positive= X.

a. solve for it. Music as the mushroom is the manifestation of the unknown. Nobody knows what is next.


*type of mushroom. No anti-Semitic sentiments