Sundmagi Situations

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spend more time on Thunder Island and less time getting lines on people? Han Bennick asked about the “art of individuality” and where it went. It seems many are looking to pick up eczematic pieces and not OFC compilations. They got it all wrong. It pays to go to meetings and to partake of regular crab walks. (4 to 5 miles suggested)   So. I. Well: what is this sundmagi all about? It is about sounds. Lifestyle choices. etc.  It really is about sounds. And it’s connection with the inner ear by ways of the Weberian apparatus which with exposure over time has been proven to improve hearing and give depth precision. Wouldn’t you rather hear some good news? too. Coming up. Going down. Staying wear you are. It is all controlled by this. Mr. Ajemian and Dr. Tanaka have a grasp on this comparable to that a nutria might get from a Victor 280 bodygripper. Notice the lack of oversized egos that others exhibit - which has forced the Myspace systems people to increase server size repeatedly to accommodate those profiles. You can’t blame these guys. There is no room for this within the organization

Human Uses:

Tuning in. Tightening up. Communicating via the muskrat post office. And a special chowder: Salor kdam

8 oz. dried Sundmagi
6 oz. crabstein
2 cups of storch(larry)

1 cup water
Ginger, onions, green onions, straw mushroom, splash of oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper, sugar, 2 eggs,garlicks, etc. cook it until it’s done.

Mr. Buchinsky “that’s one way to use it. Would you like to see another?”

It’s a nourishing tonic and circulation, etc. very ideal for special occasions.

Be you viporous or oviviporous-it is time to consider going back to the egg. If yakking on a Bluetooth is considered the in thing to do why didn’t the Fukienese counter assistant get more respect? Due to the fact that she kept the Pb in- she had a mouthful of them. The more the better I thought the rule was here. Instead this years Peenemunde festival will have these Sundmagi types representing with some TetsuBrissian techniques. They will being pulling off stuff that and will have Elton and Bernie as excited as they were about the oil covered photoshow in Buckhead. All the way to Venus.

Why did Peter Potamus ask these guys to back him up? Who else could/would? The trombone legend grades on a high curve. It makes more since than the Popes justification of platypus consumption as a Lent acceptable snack option.  And the Tiger Snake keeps evolving.

Mr. Choate Goat saith: “My nose and I have sucked more dandruff off of a stranger’s shoulders trying to get closer to these Sundmagi swingers. Are you one of us?”

What about Tsubaki news? They are making it and spreading it. The line of kimchi clothes is going to be the heavy. It will out sell Prada Colostomy Bags in the North Shore sales sweep/Markdown Man will demoted to an American Apparel men’s room attendant. You know what to do when he says: “next.” Come see their etchings. They wish you would. Don’t afraid. Their intentions are good. The year of the pig is coming up. Learn to recognize the different types of bbq. And you can’t use the term “yacht rock” around us unless you know about Denny Laine’s sunburn origins. Make the vibes positive.  Thanks, X