Compilation 2008

Harold Arts

Compilation 2008

HE-003 CD



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1: Harold Ameteur Choir: Howard Parson Project

2: Peter Bitnec and Friends: Vichyssoise (w/ Marc Riordan, Josh Sinton & Jacob Wick)

3: Fred Longberg-Holm: Falling Off the Grid Again

4: Natacha Diels/Lesley Flanigan/Jesse Peterson: Improvisation excerpt

5: Andrew Greenwald/Jacob Wick: 3:59

6: Tristan Perich: Piano 2008.07.17

7: Jeff Kimmel: Stammered

8: Joe Jeffers/Frank Van Duerm: Former Dynasties excerpt

9: Jason Ajemian: Old Smokey (w/ Matana Roberts, Noritaka Tanaka & Jacob Wick)

10: Natacha Diels: BX-51

11: Gabe Noel/Noritaka Tanaka/Jacob Wick: improvisation excerpt

12: Jason Ajemian/Ben Boye/Maya Jensen/ Doug Rosenberg: improvisation excerpt

13: Red Betsy: Too Soon to Say Too Late to Listen (Joanna Peterson, Marina Peterso & Jesse Peterson)