From Beyond

Lucas & Jason Ajemian

From Beyond

SMR666 10" LP


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Artist Statement - 2006

My younger brother and I have transcribed the Black Sabbath song Into The Void from its original recording played backward on vinyl and arranged it to be performed by a 14 to 16 piece orchestra with vocal accompaniment.  

The performance is to be document by video, but more importantly, by audio recording to be subsequently pressed into 10-inch vinyl record. 

This project proposes a developmental model toward a new musical vernacular. The music, while a unique composition in its own rite is inextricably linked to its source, which it consumes and reproduces in the true spirit of detournement.

Through reversing the sequence of the music and the phonetics of the lyric, it plays with a fascination with a sublime quality ascribed to the void as in-distinction and the American fear of degraded youth by way of subliminal messaging in heavy metal music.

Lucas Ajemian

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